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SCFP5 Series Fuse Cutout

  • SCFP5



Fuse Cutout and tension load Fuse Cutout are outdoor high voltage protection facilities. The fuse is intalled at high voltage side of transformer or branch line of distribution line to protect transformer or transmission line from short circuit is installed at both ends of insulation bracket, moving contact is installed at both ends of fuse tube. Fuse tuba is consist of two parts. Arcing extinguish tube in inner side and epoxy glass tube outside. Tension load Fuse Cutout increase the flesxibla auxiliary contact and arcing-extinguish shield to break or connect load current.

The Expulsion Fuse Cutout is a low cost line protection. primarily used on remote overhead electrical transmission lines. The visual display of the status of the Fuse Cutout quickly and accurately helps field Inspectors to locate the faulty segment of the overhead transmission line. Upon clearing of the line fault and replacing the fuse link, each of the phases can then be lndividually switched back Into operation using operating poles. which are available in desired lengths. 

Product model description

SC  FP  1 - 15 100

a     b    c    d     e

a. Factory code 

b. FP-Porcelain insulation; FC-Polymer insulation

c. Series No. of products 

d. Rated voltage

e. Rated current

SCFP5 Series Fuse Cutout

fuse cutout construction

Main principle:

  1. Back rod;

  2. Installation Bracket;

  3. Squar bolts M 10•130;

  4. Squar bolts M12•40;

  5. Birdproof-design insulator

    Higher insulation characteristics than ANSi distribution-cutout standards;

  6. One-piece channel

    Heavy galvanized steel (which is also used for inserts, hangers, and structural bolts and nuts);

  7. Fuse tube

    Features MultiWind™- liner that's virtually impervious to water ingress. Special UV resistant finish as-sureslonglife;

  8. Input Parallel-groove connector

    Tinplated cast red brass. For ease of conductor connection, accommodates two conductors of unlike size in a single connector. Other styles of connectors are also available;

  9. Upper contacts

    Silver-to silver; stainless-steel spring provides high contact pressure;

  10. Rugged attachment hooks

    For Loadbuster guide tube during closing;

  11. Output Parallel-groove connector

    Tinplated cast red brass. For ease of conductor connection, accommodates two conductors of unlike size in a single connector. Other styles of connectors are also available;

  12. Toggle joint

    Assures reliable dropout after operation;

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fuse cutout application

fuse cutout application

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