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  Socome Power Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading professional supplier. Socome always adheres to innovation, adapts to different needs of customers in different countries through innovation.
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     R & D innovation ​
    The company invested 10% of its annual sales volume in R & D innovation every year, which is a very big investment in the industry. The funds are used by R & D teams to conduct market research, develop new products and product testing.
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    R & D team ​
    Socome's R & D team has more than 10 people, including designers, engineers and testers. They are very professional and experienced. The R & D team will go abroad for market research every year, research and develop new products or improve old products according to market research results.
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    You Need
    The positive feedback from our customers are the great recognition of our efforts. Here we list some of our popular products and hope you will find the ones you need most!
  Socome always pays attention to the feedback from the customer and develops products that are more in line with the market!

We believe that a hot item in a certain market attributes to a comprehensive market research. All of these works we done is to make our products more competitive in our major markets and offer better experience for our end users. Our market research includes the following part:

The Analysis of Market Distribution

We study the first market of our products, analyze the source of inquiries and collect clients’ feedback in order to study the potential sales and then arrange a reasonable distribution between different areas.

Price Positioning

We collect the lowest and highest price in the Solar energy industry and update the data regularly to keep our price and product competitive.

Keywords Analysis

We study the keyword relevance, keyword search volume, keyword competition, keyword ROI and keyword intent to select the suitable keywords.

Product Analysis

The user experience is what we care most. From shape, packaging, touch, design, functions, stability, life span, materials to instruction. We conduct tests and collect feedback from our clients and end users to improve our products. What’s more, we also get the inspiration from the hot items designed by our competitors. We study the sales data of current hot items in the markets and analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

Target Market Analysis

We use the data both online (google analytics) and offline to get more exact user profile.

Team Leader: Xiaojun Yin

 He has more than 20 years of advanced management experience as a team leader.He has trained many talents in the electric, electric power and solar industries.

Engineering Designer: Xiuhua Chen

 Proficiency in the use of Pro-E and other three-dimensional design software and mechanical design software such as AutoCAD;With more than 30 years of work experience, qualified as a senior engineer.

Structural Engineer: Anzhong Yin

 He has more than 20 years of experience in structural engineering industry.

Production Consultant: Xiucheng Chen

 He has more than 30 years of experience in sheet metal manufacturing and processing.




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