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How to Make an Exothermic Welded Earthing Connection?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-04-23      Origin: Site

About Exothermic welding

Exothermic welding is a simple, high-efficiency, high-quality metal connection process. It uses the heat of chemical reaction of metal compounds as a heat source, through superheated (reduced) molten metal, direct or indirect heating work, in the special graphite mold. A welding head with a certain shape and size is formed in the cavity to meet the engineering requirements. At present, exothermic welding has generally replaced the previous mechanical connection method between metals.

exothermic welding


1.The operation is safe and no need for professional skill or special protection, so it is quite easy.

2.No external power or heat is required. tools and equipments are simple. and operating efficiency is high.

3.The purity of welded point is more than 97%, so it has high conductivity and anti-corrosion.

4.Does not loosen as the connection create a permanent molecular bonded.

5.Current carrying capacity of welded point is stronger than wire.

6.This method used widely and applicable for weld between coppers, copper and steel, copper and galvanized flat steel etc.

7.The welded point can bear strong impact of the surge current for several times.

Compared with the traditional mechanical connection process, exothermic welding is true molecular welding, the conductor will not be damaged and there is no contact surface, and the overall effectiveness of the conductor interface has not changed.

exothermic welding

Application field

· Lightning protection, grounding and surge protection.

· Grounding engineering treatment of electrical equipment.

· Petrochemical engineering construction.

· Construction of railways, highways and airports.

· Intelligent building construction.

· Cathodic corrosion protection.



Operating process

Exothermic welding Operating process

The specific operation process can watch the video:





1. Be sure to perheat mould prior to use.

2. Clean all conductors before weld.

3. Calm all conductors before lock the mould by handle clamp.

4. Don’t stay anyone in front of the crater.

5. Clean the mould after welded for the nest connection.

6. Don't strike molds fiercely because its material is graphite.