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How Does The Advance Pre-Discharge Lightning Rod Work?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-05-11      Origin: Site

The advance pre-discharge lightning rod is a grounded metal rod system installed vertically on the top of the protected body to prevent lightning strikes.

Lightning protection device composed of lightning receptor, down-lead and grounding device. The lightning receptor is installed on the structure and is higher than the protected object. The tip senses the load with the thundercloud in advance and releases the energy through the down conductor, weakening the energy of the thundercloud to protect the building.


 SMT-ESE60 testing


Working Principle

Earlier Streamer Emission(ESE) lightning rods mainly absorb and store energy from the electric field in nature by the exciter. The tip of the lightning rod has a good electrical connection with the ground and is in an equipotential state. Before a lightning flash occurs, the electric field strength will increase rapidly. The potential difference between the exciter and the needle tip is roughly equivalent to the potential between the thundercloud and the ground. The rapid increase in voltage drop between them will cause the tip to catch fire, and Ionize the air around the tip to form a tip discharge phenomenon, which generates an early ascending leader to guide, change the direction of the thundercloud's downward leader, accurately guide the lightning point to itself, and quickly and safely discharge the lightning Put it on the ground, avoiding the "round strike" and "side strike" phenomenon of traditional lightning rods.




● Precision processing with new stainless steel materials, materials and structure are in line with GB50057-2010 requirements.

● Maintenance-free, passive, no energy-consuming components, no power supply.

● Long service life, simple installation, small size and light weight.

● The exciter obtains energy from the cloud layer, forms an upward pilot, and actively attracts lightning to the ground, reducing the probability of the cumulative point falling on the non-lightning needle body, and minimizing the "winding around" and "side hitting" phenomena.

● Compared with the traditional lightning rod, the protection range is larger at the same height.

● Safe and reliable, non-radioactive, corrosion-resistant and strong in wind resistance.


 lightning rod application


The advance pre-discharge lightning rod is suitable for direct lightning protection of various buildings, structures, communication base stations, meteorological stations, radar stations, and LPG stations that cannot be protected by ordinary lightning rods.


 Installation Instruction

Installation Instructions

● Select the lightning rod according to the area and height of the protected building, the thunderstorm day at the location, the correction factor of the geographical environment, and the nature of the building, and determine the height of the lightning rod.


● The components must be connected reliably during installation. After the installation is complete, the connection or metal surface is damaged by coating, and anti-rust treatment should be done.


●The lightning rod should be connected to the lightning strip or grounding grid on the daughter wall through the down conductor, and the grounding resistance value should be ≤10Ω. In areas with high soil resistivity, the requirements for grounding resistance can be appropriately relaxed.


● After the lightning rod is put into use, it should be checked before the thunderstorm season every year: whether the connection of each connection part is firm, and whether the connection between the down conductor and the grounding system is reliable.