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Why should engineers choose Copper Bonded Earth Rods?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-10      Origin: Site

The copper-bonded earth rod is also known as an electrode which works similarly to the highway scenario. The Copper Bonded Earth Rod acts like an electrical path, dissipating the voltage's static discharge. When the electrical path starts breaking down, the static discharge will go nowhere and throw the whole system at risk. Most of the time, the experts are asked to choose between 3 types of copper-bonded ground rods, which include copper-clad ground rods, galvanized steel, and copper-bonded steel. But do you know why they always choose Copper Bonded Earth Rod every time? 


This is because of the strength, impressive quality, unexpected service life, and all. The Copper Bonded Earth Rod is considered the supreme choice for the reasons described below. Here we share how Copper Bonded Earth Rod is the better grounding choice. 


· Impressive service life: This is the strongest characteristic of choosing Copper Bonded Earth Rod. The engineers always aim for earth rods with a strong core base, making driving easy into the earth. It is chosen by the experts every next time because of the high corrosion resistance. It consists of a superior carbon steel core, which allows deep diving. The layer of nickel & copper coating is done to protect from corrosion. This is done to prevent the chances of bending or cracking. When you use copper-clad steel, it can more likely develop creases & cracks. At the same time, galvanized steel ground rods it has a limited serviceable lifespan because of the increased corrosion rate.

· Minimum risk of corrosion: This is used by the experts because it has the minimum risk of corrosion. High levels of corrosion can lead to metal deterioration. The engineers don't assume to use the corroded ground rod because it can put the whole installation at risk. It can weaken and break down the electrical path. Apart from that, the Copper-bonded rods & Galvanized steel rods have high amounts of corrosion.

· Long service life with cost efficiency: The ground rod copper bonded material is mostly preferred due to the low initial cost. The longevity & performance of the entire system is impressive. But when it comes to galvanized steel rods, these are not cost-effective because of their shorter lifespan. It is recommended to choose the ideal option when you are looking for a long service life.


The copper bonded Ground rods have been termed the foundation of the electrical and lightning protection system. It will be the ideal choice if you are looking for something that costs less and gives excessive upfront services with impressive outputs. Are you working on any of these grounding system projects? If you are, this blog will be very helpful for you.