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Why Should Electric Cable Be Grounded?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-28      Origin: Site

Electric cable are usually twisted from several wires and twisted around a center,the entire outer bread has a highly insulating cover. Electric cable are often installed in the air or underground or underwater, it’s for telecommunications or power transmission. The difference between a electric cable and a common wire is mainly that the cable has a large size and a complicated structure.

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The cable life depends on the quality and the environment where the cable is installed. The electric cable is mainly insulated by a layer of outer sheath. After a long period of time, it is corroded by corrosive gases, and the insulation performance is gradually reduced, it gradually ages and hardens. If the cable loses insulation, it is very dangerous. If there is a running phenomenon, it will increase the temperature of the wire, causing sparks or even a fire. So it’s important for us to know the precautions for using the cable and how to maintain it.

Precautions for using electric cables

1. Do not let the cable get wet/hot, corroded or bumped. Do not overload.

2. Cables should be checked regularly to check the cable status. Check for hidden dangers and problems in a timely manner.

3. Always check the use of electrical and wiring in your home and carry out maintenance and overhaul in a timely manner.

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4. For the lines of old-fashioned buildings, if you find that the water is submerged or wet, especially if the line has been aging for a long time, you should immediately ask the electrician to repair it.

5. For lines that are easily immersed in floods, electricians should be asked to move the line and take elevated and moisture-proof measures.

6. If there is a power outage on a rainy day, the power should be cut off immediately. Ask the electrician to check the cause and send someone to take care of it.

Method of maintaining the electric cable

1. The machinery should be cleaned at any time. The ground should not contain oil, water or garbage on the floor. The waste caused in production should be concentrated in time and quickly processed.

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2. The surface of the machine should be wiped clean. Tools should be placed according to regulations, don’t place the liquids, food on it.

3.Adding lubricating oil or cooling oil should according to regulations. You need to check frequently whether the oil supply system is unblocked;

4. During the operation of the machine, whether there is abnormal sound or vibration, the fasteners should often checked;

5. Whether the transmission belt is loose or inferior when used, and should be replaced if there is any problem;

6. The safety equipment of the cable machine should be well equipped. For example, safety protection doors, safety barriers, safety covers, safety switches, limit devices, etc. It should be fully and normally effective;

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Finally, do you know why the cable is grounded? Because of the induced voltage caused by the unbalanced current in the cable, a short circuit is formed between the wire and the ground, which prevents the electric cable from being discharged to the grounded bracket with a potential difference.

Cable grounding ensures proper operation of the power system, protects lines and equipment from damage, and prevents electrical fires and lightning and static hazards. Even protect people from electric shocks.