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What is Cable Accessories?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-03-27      Origin: Site

What is Cable Accessories?


Cable accessories are products that connect cables with power transmission and distribution lines and related power distribution devices. They generally refer to the intermediate connections and terminal connections of various cables in cable lines. They together with the cables form a power transmission network; The cable accessories are mainly based on the characteristics of the cable structure, which can not only restore the performance of the cable, but also ensure the extension of the cable length and the connection of the terminal. The reliability of high-voltage cable accessories can be judged from the aspects of electrical performance, seal moisture resistance, mechanical performance and process performance.

heat shrinkable cable accessories.

Connection Method

The connection methods of cable accessories are generally divided into terminal connection and intermediate connection. Terminal connection is divided into indoor termination and outdoor termination. In general, outdoor termination refers to the outdoor cable connector, and indoor termination refers to the connector that connects indoor cables and electrical equipment.There are two types of intermediate connections: straight-through and insulated.

Common Types:

There are many types of products used in cable accessories, such as heat shrinkable cable accessories and cold shrinkable cable accessories. They have the following features and functions:

cold shrinkable cable accessories

Cold shrinkable cable accessories: The raw materials used for cold shrinkable cable accessories are imported liquid silicone rubber. Silicone rubber has excellent insulation and high elasticity. After installation, it always maintains proper radial pressure on the cable body, so that the internal interface is tightly bonded. Electrical breakdown due to breathing during cable operation. The installation and operation of the cold shrinkable cable accessory is simple, and no fire is required during construction, which saves time and effort, and greatly reduces quality accidents caused by improper operation.


heat shrinkable cable accessories

Heat shrinkable cable accessories: made of rubber-plastic alloy with different shape-memory effect of different heat shrinkable component products, heat-shrinkable on the cable at the scene. Heat shrinkable cable accessories have light weight, simple and convenient construction, and operation. Reliable, low price, etc. Heat shrinkable cable accessories are widely used in various fields of the national economy such as electricity, petrochemicals, and metallurgy, with moderate prices and stable and reliable quality. They are mature products of cable accessories.