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What is Aluminum Mechanical Shear-bolt Lugs and Connectors ?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-03-13      Origin: Site

Aluminum mechanical shear-bolt lugs and connectors are special name for specific customers, also called torque lugs and connectors. Putting the cable to butt joint and connect the cable ends by tightening the screws with torque bolts. No special crimping tools are required to replace the original crimp lugs. The torque connector has the following characteristics:


1. No crimping tools are needed, just ordinary socket wrenches can be used to break the torque bolts.

The benefits are fast, simple, reduced installation costs, stable joint quality, and unaffected by human factors.

2. Applicable to copper and aluminum. It can be used for copper conductors, aluminum conductors, aluminum alloy conductors, including copper-aluminum transition connections, at voltage levels of 35KV and below.

The advantage is that the inventory is greatly reduced, and it is not necessary to purchase multiple models of connector for easy management. For example, the torque connector 150/240 originally required three types of copper connector, three types of aluminum connector, and three types of copper-aluminum transition connector. Now only one type is required.

3.  Wide range

Due to the difference in cable diameter produced by each cable factory, the inner diameter of the cable connector of each cable connector factory is not the same, the construction level of each installer is different, the installation quality of traditional crimp type cable connector is very different. These problems are solved due to the wide range of characteristics of the torque connector. To describe in the words of customers is to use technology to solve practical problems.

4. More reliable electrical performance

After the traditional cable connector is pressed, there will be rhombic edge, burrs, and even flying edges, which need careful polishing and require high levels of construction personnel. Aluminum mechanical shear-bolt connector of Socome Power is smooth. It only needs to handle the fracture of bolts, which greatly reduces the possibility of accidents.

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5. Special applications

Such as thin twisted flexible cables, because flexible cables are thicker than ordinary copper cables of the same cross-sectional area, ordinary connector cannot be plugged in, and the larger connector is not pressed tightly. The use of aluminum mechanical shear-bolt connector is very easy to solve.