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What Is The Purpose Of Installing Earth Electrodes?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-16      Origin: Site

The earth electrodes are the conducting elements connected directly to the ground. These earth electrodes are facilitated to flow the faulty currents. The earth electrodes are metallic, and earth rods are the biggest example. The earth electrodes should be resistant to corrosion because these are made to be grounded for longer. These electrodes come to the market in various materials, arrangements, and pipes. In some countries, these are also popular in the name of grounded rods. Earthing electrodes are important to give protection from lightning. We have described a few more information about this in the below section.


The types of earth electrodes & their applications:

· Copper bonded earth rods: This is a great option for delivering low electrical resistance to the ground. It is a cost-effective option that gives resistance to corrosion.

· Stainless steel earth rods: These rods are used when galvanic corrosion is produced due to the closed bond of two dissimilar materials.

· Solid copper earth rods: These earth rods are used in the areas where high corrosion is caused. These are popular because it gives longer life result.

· Galvanized steel earth rods: They are cost-effective because of their low current carrying capacity, low resistance against corrosion, and conductivity. The installation of earth electrodes plays a significant role in electrical installations. There are certain things that you should look for while installing earth electrodes. These installations should be done safely and securely. During the installation, you all need to fulfill the requirements of marinas, remote buildings, agriculture sites, exhibitions, electric vehicles, and onshore units. Certain temporary electrical installations are used for managing amusement devices and structures. There is another example where an earth electrode is required during the electrical installation. There is a variety of earth electrodes, and some of the examples are:

· Earth rods: Earth rods are specially manufactured with solid copper and copper bonded steel. This is the popular choice of industry because of the resistance, strength, and low cost. These are available in various diameters and lengths.

· Earth tapes: These are made with bare copper materials. These come with the general size of copper strip and are mostly applied in the areas where it is difficult to install the earth rods.


After concluding the above article, you can clearly understand how tough it is to install the earth electrodes correctly. It is always good to take experts' help to avoid any damage.