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What Is The Difference Between The Copper Clad & The Copper Bonded Steel?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-10      Origin: Site

When we discuss the components of an electrical grounding system, you must hear the terms Copper Clad Ground Rod & copper-bonded steel. However, it may seem inconsequential because each term presents the different copper plating processes. In this context, we will discuss the difference between both terms.  


What is common in both Copper-Bonded and Copper-Clad Steel?


The biggest reason these terms are used interchangeably is that they look the same! Both things look similar and consist of a steel core and copper exterior. It can be used in both groundings because of steel's impressive high tensile strength. It can be perfectly coupled with copper because of its corrosion resistance. When you compare this with pure copper, it lowers the conductivity level. The copper's thickness and diameter will be changed to match the current copper's capability. Depending on the specific application of a conductor, the conductivity requirements differ. After going through the similarities, now let's talk about the dissimilarities.


Dissimilarities of Copper Clad Ground Rod & Copper Bonded Steel


· Forming Process: The copper-bonded steels are manufactured with a continuous electro-plating process. It results in a permanent molecular bond between the two materials. This whole technique is termed the EDP. EDP is known for creating a homogenous layer of copper. This is used over steel, whether the product is a wire or solid conductor. At the same time, the Copper-clad steel is manufactured with two copper strips installed over a steel core. The thickness of the copper adjusted with the copper conductivity, which is similar to the 40% conductivity of copper. So, what have you decided? Does Copper Clad Ground Rod better than any over?

· Performance and Uses: The copper-bonded steel is beneficial for manufacturing solid wire, ground rods, and solid conductors. Copper-clad steel is predominately used for the manufacturing of solid & standard conductors. Both copper-clad steel & copper bonded are used in theft deterrent applications. Both are termed the best alternatives to copper because of their higher tensile strength & corrosion resistance. This is the fundamental concept that is used for safety and protection. Get the long life service and huge finishing with Copper Clad Ground Rod. It is used because of its versatility and saving money. No matter its performance or uses, the copper ground rod is preferred. Besides these, many differences prove that both are different in their nature. 


The copper-clad Ground rods are used together in a vast amount of industries. This is used for connecting electrical installations to the earth. There are a series of posts you can find about this which help you to know more about this. If you know anything surprising about this, you can also share it in our comment sections.