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Tips for Insulating Material Aging

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-24      Origin: Site

Insulating material refers to a substance that is not electrically conductive or has a small conductive electrode under the action of a direct current voltage. The main function of the insulating material is to isolate the charged conductors of different potentials in the electrical equipment, so that the current can flow in a certain path, which can improve the potential distribution of the electric field and protect the conductor. Therefore, the insulating material is required to have as high an insulation resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance as possible, and a certain mechanical strength is required. Do you know the aging of insulation and how to prevent damage to insulation?

Aging of insulating materials

Insulating materials will undergo physical phenomena such as polarization, conductance, medium heating, and breakdown under the action of electric field. While being subjected to the electric field, they will also be affected by many factors such as mechanical and chemical factors, and aging will occur in long-term work. Therefore, many failures of electrical products often occur in the insulating portion.

The aging of the dielectric refers to a phenomenon in which the electrical properties, mechanical properties, and the like of the dielectric gradually deteriorate over time in the long-term operation. The main forms of aging are electrical aging, heat aging and environmental aging.

(1) Electrical aging. More common in high-voltage electrical appliances, the main reason is that the insulation material is partially discharged under the action of high pressure.

(2) Heat aging. More common in low-voltage electrical appliances, the mechanism is under the action of temperature. The internal components of the insulating material are oxidized, cracked, and deteriorated, and the water is hydrolyzed to gradually lose the insulating properties.

(3) Environmental aging. Also known as atmospheric aging, it is caused by ultraviolet ray, ozone, salt spray, acid and alkali, etc. Ultraviolet light is the main factor.

Once the insulating material has aged, its insulation performance is usually unrecoverable. The following methods are commonly used in engineering to prevent the aging of the insulating material.

(1) Add anti-aging agent in the process of making insulating materials.

(2) Outdoor insulation materials may be added with UV absorbers or separated by a barrier.

(3) The insulating material used in the hot and humid zone may be added with a mildewproof agent.

(4) Measures to strengthen local anti-corona and partial discharge prevention of electrical equipment.

The measures of preventing damage to insulation materials.

(1) Do not use electrical products that are not of acceptable quality.

(2) Select the correct electrical equipment according to the working environment and conditions.High quality insulator is very important.

(3) Use electrical equipment according to technical parameters to avoid overvoltage and overload operation.

(4) Conduct insulation preventive tests on electrical equipment according to the specified period and project.

(5) Avoid the mechanical damage of the insulation structure of electrical equipment during handling, installation, operation and maintenance, and be affected by moisture and dirt.

Insulation material is the basis and guarantee for the development of electrical products. It plays a particularly important role in the development of electrical machinery and electrical industry. The development and progress of insulation materials depend on the development of polymer materials and directly restricts and influences the development and progress of electrical products. 

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