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Small information on the Cable gland

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-13      Origin: Site

If you are an engineer, tradesman, or student, you might have previously heard the word "cable gland" yet don't know what it is or where it gets utilized. In this article, we will talk about what the cable gland is and its many purposes and we will likewise investigate how they work and the various types available in the market. If you're new to the universe of cable glands or need to know about it, read the full article.

What do you mean by Cable Gland?

A cable gland is a mechanical section that focuses on an electrical link in an electrical framework or board. They get utilized on an electrical panel or wiring in various frameworks.

Benefits of using cable grand:-

· Protecting cables from the environment of their situated location –

On the off chance that a cable passage point gets located in a dusty or wet climate, the cable glands safeguard themselves from any water entrance, residue, or soil. One of its leading roles is to keep an electrical or instrumentation board spotless and liberated from dampness/water entrance.

· Strong cable grip –

Cable glands hold onto an external cable sheath. By performing this, they safely hold the cable set up and give a degree of insurance from the cable being pulled awkward or contorted.

· Sealing –

The cable gland gives a very high degree of sealing at the time when a right size cable gland is utilized and introduced.

· Manage lots of cables –

The cable gland gets utilized in administering electrical cables while entering an electric panel. They give an ideal strategy to clean up cable passage and a simple method for isolating cables if more than one enters an electric panel.


Types of materials used for making cable glands:-

· Stainless steel – The cable glands made of stainless steel are more costly, yet they are stronger and get fixed to a significant level to safeguard against any undesirable entrance.

· Plastic – The cable glands made of plastic get used where severe chemicals or a ton of water get utilized. This cable gland is resistant to corrosion hence giving a high degree of sealing.

· Brass – The cable glands made of brass gets utilized in hardware, instrumentation, and the clinical industry. This kind of cable gland is also resistant to corrosion.

Where do cable glands get utilized?

Cable glands get utilized on instrumentation or electrical boards that require a cable passage. You will find the cable gland on almost every electrical board you'll come across. Hardware electrical boards get exposed to weather patterns outside or in wet manufacturing plant conditions. The cable gland blocks water, soil, and residue from entering a board through the cable passage.


The primary function of the cable gland is to safeguard an electrical framework or component at the cable entry point. Dust, water, and the soil can't enter the board or enclosed area where the cable gets installed. If the cable is obtained or pulled, they also grasp it, preventing it from being pulled out of terminations.