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Maintenance of Lightning Protection Devices

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-24      Origin: Site

In the summer, thunderstorms are gradually increasing, and power lines and substations are the main targets of lightning attacks. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the lightning protection device and to avoid the occurrence of lightning disasters, the lightning protection device should be inspected and maintained.

Necessity of Maintenance the Lightning Protection Device

In order to make the lightning protection device of the building have a reliable protection effect, it must not only have reasonable design and correct construction, but also pay attention to frequent maintenance inspection. If the lightning protection device does not meet the requirements, it can not play the role of lightning protection, and sometimes even bring buildings in more dangerous situations. For example, hang a radio antenna or a grounding wire for drying clothes on the tip of a lightning rod; on the wall with the lightning protection down conductor cross lay the overhead line of the strong or weak current system. These situations are very dangerous. If the lightning protection device receives a lightning strike, it may cause serious consequences of personal injury or damage to the building. Therefore, in addition to strict inspection and acceptance, lightning protection works should also have annual maintenance and inspection.

Precautions for Maintenance the Lightning Protection Device

Maintenance of lightning protection devices are the responsibility of the user, or can be carried out with the assistance of the design unit. Inspection of the lightning protection device is divided into regular inspection and temporary inspection: for important projects, regular inspection should be made before thunderstorm season every year; for general projects, regular inspection should be made every two or three years before thunderstorm season. Temporary inspection may be made when special needs arise. Maintenance and inspection of lightning protection devices:

(1)Check whether the protection status of the lightning protection device changes due to the deformation of the repaired building or the building itself.

(2)Check whether earthing devices are broken due to excavation, laying of other pipelines or planting trees.

(3)Check whether the exposed electric cables in each place are broken due to corrosion or mechanical damage.

(4)Check whether the insulation protection treatment of the section of the down conductor which is 2m away from the ground for damage, and whether the clamp has poor contact.

(5)Check whether the soil around the earthing device has subsidence or not.

(6)Measure the flow resistance of all grounding devices, such as the earth cables, the earthing electrodes and so on.

If the resistance value of the protection device is found to vary greatly, the grounding system should be dug open for inspection. For concealed lightning protection nets or concrete columns with steel bars as the down conductor, the design is very reliable. Generally, normal inspection is not required, but every five or six years, ground resistance measurement is required. If any non-conformity is found, immediate remedial action shall be taken. For example, when the conductor is corroded by more than 30%, the conductor should be replaced.

Although lighting protections, such as the lightning arrester and the lightning protector, are reliable and stable, it still need to be carefully and comprehensively inspection of the lightning protection devices , which can ensure effective prevention of damage caused by lightning strike.