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Lightning Protection System

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AC power lightning protection module is suitable for power supply protection of distribution room, distribution cabinet, switch cabinet, AC and DC power distribution panel, communication, electronics, power, network, energy, railway, highway system, etc. There are outdoor input distribution boxes and floor distribution boxes in buildings, which are used for low voltage (220/380VAC) industrial power grid and civil power grid. Signal lightning arrester is used for overvoltage protection of line intrusion; lightning rod is used for direct lightning protection; in power system, it is mainly used for three-phase power input or output of power supply screen in automation room and main control room of substation.            

About Lightning Protection System

Lightning protection system refers to a set of devices used for lightning protection in a certain space. It consists of external lightning protection system and internal lightning protection system.            

Direct Lightning Protection            

Direct lightning protection is to prevent direct lightning strikes on buildings, structures, electrical networks or electrical devices. Direct lightning protection technology mainly protects the building itself from lightning damage, and reduces the impact of huge lightning current on the interior space of the building in the process of discharging into the earth along the building. It is the first part of the lightning protection system.     


Direct lightning protection technology is mainly composed of lightning rod, lightning belt, lightning net and lightning wire, among which lightning rod is the most common direct lightning protection device. When the thundercloud discharge approaches the ground, it distorts the ground electric field. At the top of the lightning rod, a space with concentrated local electric field intensity is formed to influence the development of lightning pilot discharge, guide lightning to discharge to the lightning rod, and then lead lightning current into the earth through grounding lead-down line and grounding device, so that the protected object can be protected.           


Grounding is a kind of intentional or unintentional conductive connection. Because of this connection, circuit or electrical equipment can be connected to the earth or to some larger conductor instead of the earth. Ground aims to:    


(1) To make the conductor connected to the earth have a potential equal to or similar to the earth (or to replace the earth's conductor).      


(2) To guide the flow of man-earth current into and out of the earth (or to replace the earth's conductor).         


Grounding system achieves the purpose of protection by balancing resistance, structure, and coordination among other factors and releasing threats caused by direct lightning strike, lightning electromagnetic pulse, static electricity accumulated on equipment, short circuit of power system and other abnormal energy.    


The general grounding system mainly includes copper clad steel grounding system, long-term high conductivity active ion grounding system and so on, while the general hot-melt welding construction technology is used in the link process between ground unit and emperor.            

Equipotential Bonding

Equipotential bonding refers to connecting separated metal objects directly to lightning protection devices by connecting conductors or surge protectors to reduce the potential difference caused by lightning current.    


The principle of equipotential bonding is to form a larger combined grounding system by automatically conducting the potential difference between the systems through equipotential bonding devices, which is independent of each other under normal conditions, so as to release abnormal energy more effectively.            

Electromagnetic Shielding

Electromagnetic shielding is the shielding of conductive materials to reduce the penetration of alternating electromagnetic fields into specified areas. Lightning electromagnetic pulse propagates around the lightning strike point, and its influence range can reach 2 kilometers or more. It is not limited to the lightning struck building itself or its internal installation of electromagnetic shielding technology, which mainly includes two parts: space electromagnetic shielding technology and line electromagnetic shielding technology.     


Space electromagnetic shielding technology is to prevent electromagnetic waves from intruding through metal material layers with reliable and continuous electrical connections distributed in all directions. By transforming electromagnetic energy into electric energy on the shield, it can be discharged into the ground through grounding devices.        


Line electromagnetic shielding technology is to lay through metal tube (slot) and ground the two ends of continuous metal tube (slot) reliably to form a shield to prevent electromagnetic pulse from inducing the metal line to generate overvoltage. In addition to the space shielding function, the electromagnetic shielding technology also has the function of generating reverse electromotive force to offset the overvoltage when the overvoltage is introduced into the circuit.            

Overvoltage Protection

Overvoltage protection refers to a kind of protection applied by power supply devices and connected devices to prevent power failure so as to produce excessive output voltage (including open-circuit voltage).    


Overvoltage protection actually involves over voltage protection of many systems, the most important of which are over voltage protection of power supply system and over voltage protection of communication system.   


Overvoltage protection technology mainly distributes electric energy to various electrical equipment of the system by using related equipment. It has reduced the maximum energy to the greatest extent. Then it can achieve the function of energy release and low residual voltage protection through multi-level protection of the safety protection equipment of each electrical equipment. In practical application, considering the particularity of various systems, it is necessary to design a special over voltage protection scheme for different systems to achieve the purpose of protection.            

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