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Invention of Lighting Rod

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-16      Origin: Site

The lightning rod is a metal rod mounted on the structure to protect it from lightning strikes. If lightning strikes the structure, it will preferentially strike the rod and ground through the wire, rather than through the structure, where it can cause a fire or cause an electric shock. Lightning rods are also known as the tip, air terminals or impact termination devices. Do you know who invented the lightning rod? Is it divided into several types? The following article takes you through the lightning rod.

The History of Lighting Rod

Modern lightning rods were invented by American scientist Franklin. Franklin believes that lightning is a phenomenon of discharge. To prove this, in a thunderstorm in July 1752, he risked being struck by lightning, flying a kite with long metal wires into the thundercloud, and smashing a silver key at the end of the wire. When lightning strikes, Franklin approaches the key and a string of electric sparks is drawn from the key. There is also a sense of numbness on the hand.

After successfully conducting a kite-capture experiment to capture lightning, Franklin assumed that if a sophisticated device could be placed on a high object, lightning could be transmitted underground. Franklin designed a lightning protection device: he fixed a thin iron rod on the top of a tall building, separated between the iron rod and the building by an insulator, and then connected a wire to the bottom end of the iron rod, and finally the wires are sent underground. After trial, it really avoided the thunder.

After that, the lightning rod was introduced to the United States and other parts of the world. The invention of lightning rods is the first technological achievement with significant application value in early electrical research.

The Type of Lighting Rod

Lightning rods are generally classified into the following three types: direct lightning strike lightning rods/special lightning rods/early pre-discharge lightning rods.

Direct lightning strike lightning rod

Applicable to petrochemical warehouses, radio and television, gas stations, buildings, beacons, communication base stations, weather stations, military bases, radar rooms, bank buildings, etc.

Special lightning rod

Special lightning rods are suitable for special buildings, such as high-rise building microwave communication stations, radar base stations, beacons, communication base stations, military bases, radar rooms, bank buildings, astronomical weather stations and other important places.

Early discharge lightning rod

When the lightning rod is intercepted by lightning, the electric field strength of the lightning receiver increases rapidly. With the lightning waveform processing device, there is a gap of 3 mm between the outer casing and the grounding rod to form a coupling capacitor. Due to the very high frequency, the induct is open and connected directly. Lightning discharge to the ground, it effectively achieves lightning protection and ensures safety.

The above is the knowledge about lightning rods, have you learned? Follow us for more information~