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How to Purchase a Piercing Connector for an ab Cable 

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-10      Origin: Site

If you purchase a Piercing Connector for ab Cable, do you run into problems like the following? Where can you find insulation piercing connectors of high quality and available at reasonable prices? To find a solution to this issue, you must first have a comprehensive knowledge of the insulation piercing connector, also known as an IPC connector. After that, you will be able to determine how to acquire an economical insulation piercing connector. In the following section, we will give you a full explanation of insulation piercing connection from the following aspects. We will also provide five tips for buying insulation piercing connectors. 


What is an insulation piercing connector, also known as an IPC connector? 


Piercing Connectors for ab Cable are used to connect protected low power overhead lines (with neutral), converter downspout, or service drop cable. The main components of such an insulation piercing connector (IPC connector) are thick plastic protection, metal razors, waterproof sealing, silicone lubricants, a high-strength bolt, & end cap. Insulation-piercing connectors are also known as IPC connectors. 


Put the terminal of a cable stretch of the track into the waterproof terminals cap cover whenever the cable has to be branched or joined. After finding the location of the branch on the central route, use the socket wrench to turn the torque nut attached to the clamp. The contacting blade will make a hole in the cable insulating layer during the procedure. When the gasket comes into touch with the conductor, it pushes around the area of the cable that has been pierced, and this causes the silicone grease that is contained within the shell to spill. 


When the tension reaches the predetermined value, the nuts torque mechanism releases, the main line and the branch line are linked, and also the waterproof performances & electrical effects satisfy the predetermined standard. 


The benefits of using a connector that pierces insulation 


· Installation that is simple, inexpensive, dependable, safe, & not requires any maintenance. 

· An appropriate socket wrench is all needed to get the Piercing Connector for ab Cable set up and ready to go. 

· This cable branch could be created without the main cable being severed, or the insulating coating stripped away. The pierced connector is fully insulated, so it can even be used for live connections. 

· It can be split out from the cable at any point along its length. Terminal boxes & junction boxes aren't necessary for this situation. Additionally, the piercing connection is age-proof, shock-proof, water-proof, anti-corrosion, & distortion-resistant. 

· Using a Piercing Connector for ab Cable has glaringly visible and extensive benefits. It is much more cost-effective than the standard connection methods used in the past. 


The necessary components and settings


It is appropriate for usage in high-rise structures, government spaces, street light distribution networks, outdoor overhead lines, and other low-wattage circuits & lighting distribution lines.