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How to Connect the Electric Cable Terminal?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-03      Origin: Site

The cable terminal head integrates waterproof, stress control, shielding and insulation. It has good electrical and mechanical properties and can be used for a long time under various harsh environmental conditions. It has the advantages of light weight and convenient installation.Electric cable terminations are widely used in power, petrochemical, metallurgical, railway ports and construction.

The cable terminal function is assembled to the first end of the cable line to complete the connection with other electrical equipment, such as an outdoor terminal, an indoor terminal, an elbow terminal and so on.

The cable terminal head evenly distributes the electric field at the end of the cable to achieve effective control of electrical stress. Electrical stress control refers to the control of electric field distribution and electric field strength, and appropriate measures are taken to make the electric field distribution and electric field strength in an optimal state. The following mainly introduces the manufacturing requirements and connection methods of cable terminations.

Production requirements

Cable terminations come in many forms due to the different environmental conditions in the installation area. But in either form, you must meet the following requirements:

1. The connection between the outlet stem and the electric cable core conductor must be firm and reliable. Under the condition that the normal load is allowed to be overloaded, the contact surface shall not be heated, and the cross-sectional area of the outlet stem shall not be less than 1.5 times of the cable core.

2. Outdoor terminal heads must have reliable waterproofing and should minimize the chance of air intrusion into the box along the joints.

3. There is sufficient insulation level, sealing and mechanical strength.

4. Other requirements are the same as cable joints.

Connection method

The connection of the outdoor cable terminal head, the cable terminal is suitable for the manufacture and installation of the outdoor terminal head of the lead-clad oil-impregnated insulated power cable with the cross-sectional area of the wire under 240mm2 below 10kV.

The connection process and precautions for the cable head are as follows:

1.The installation process must be carried out in accordance with the relevant rules.

2.The construction site is guaranteed to be dry and clean, and the ambient temperature should generally be above 5 °C.

3.The cable head must be used after continuous cutting and stripping.

4.The distance between the upper part of the 6~10kV cable terminal and the grounding distance is above 200mm.

5. Lead (aluminum) work should be smooth and burr-free, and must be twisted with a special tool. Semiconductor shielding paper should not expose the lead (aluminum) package bell mouth.

6. The wrapped insulation tape should be in the direction of the winding of the core insulation, and a half-clad package should be adopted. The insulation layer should be odorless and wrinkle-free.

7. The crimping method is used for the aluminum core cable and the terminal. The copper core cable and the terminal are crimped or welded.

8. When using a porcelain box or a tripod cast iron box, the epoxy cable termination head must be installed before lifting.

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