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How Much Do You Know About Lightning Disasters?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-04-30      Origin: Site

The generation of lightning

The rotation between the two pairs of magnetic poles leads to the generation of electric current. When the convective high and low temperature water molecules exchange positions, the high and low temperature water molecules with different magnetic field strengths mutually grab the internal rotating magnetic field force to ensure the balance of temperature and rotating magnetic field. Fluctuations and unbalanced magnetic fields cause a large number of electrons to escape. At the same time, as the air humidity rises and the conductivity increases, the electrons start to find a channel in the convection, and gather together to discharge the cloud or the ground, and lightning occurs.

lightning current

The main hazards of lightning

1. Lightning current high-voltage effect: Generates surge voltages of up to tens of thousands of volts or even hundreds of thousands of volts, breakdown of insulation causes short-circuiting of the equipment, resulting in direct disasters such as combustion and explosion.

2. Lightning current high thermal effect: It emits a powerful current of tens to thousands of amperes, and generates a lot of thermal energy, causing fire and explosion.

3. Lightning current mechanical effect: Explosion, twisting, collapse, tearing and other phenomena lead to property loss and casualties.


Lightning prevention

1. Install lightning protection device on buildings. That is, the lightning current is introduced into the ground by the lightning arrester and disappears.

2. During thunderstorms, people should not approach high-voltage substations, high-voltage power lines and isolated tall buildings, chimneys, electric poles, trees, flagpoles, etc., and do not stand on open high ground or shelter from rain under trees.


3. Thunderstorm weather, do not go swimming, boating, fishing, etc. on the river, river, lake.

4. When a lightning strike occurs, the travel companion should immediately take the patient to the hospital. If breathing and heartbeat have stopped at that time, mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration and chest heart massage should be performed on the spot, and on-site rescue should be actively carried out.

5. When a thunderstorm occurs, even if the lightning rod is installed, you should quickly unplug the indoor TV, refrigerator and antenna power to prevent unnecessary losses caused by space electromagnetic interference.