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How Many Do U Know about Lightning Protection Devices?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-28      Origin: Site

AC power lightning protection module is suitable for power supply protection of distribution room, distribution cabinet, switch cabinet, AC and DC power distribution panel, communication, electronics, power, network, energy, railway, highway system, etc. There are outdoor input distribution boxes and floor distribution boxes in buildings, which are used for low voltage (220/380VAC) industrial power grid and civil power grid. Signal lightning arrester is used for overvoltage protection of line intrusion; lightning rod is used for direct lightning protection; in power system, it is mainly used for three-phase power input or output of power supply screen in automation room and main control room of substation.            

1. Lead down            

Conductor for conducting lightning current from the flasher to the grounding device.            

The lead wire of lightning protection device should meet the requirements of mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and thermal stability.            


2. Power Lightning Protector            

Power supply lightning protector is a comprehensive lightning protection scheme which combines outdoor lightning protection with line lightning protection to prevent damage caused by lightning and other internal overvoltage intrusion equipment. The concepts of external lightning protection and internal lightning protection, protection area and lightning protection equipotential connection are introduced. The lightning protection principle of power supply is analyzed. The lightning protection of power supply can release a large amount of impulse energy generated by lightning induction into the earth in the shortest time, reduce the potential difference between the interfaces of the equipment, and thus protect the equipment on the circuit. 

Power supply lightning protector is divided into three levels: B, C and D. According to the theory of zonal lightning protection and multi-level protection of IEC standard, Class B lightning protection belongs to the first-level lightning protection device, which can be applied to the main distribution cabinet in buildings; Class C belongs to the second-level lightning protection device, which is applied to the branch distribution cabinet in buildings; Class D belongs to the third-level lightning protection device, which is applied to the front end of important equipment and carries out fine protection for equipment.            

Correct installation of power supply lightning protector can reduce the chance of power supply damage caused by lightning strike to near zero, which can eliminate the cost of replacing equipment and ensure the continuous operation of the system. It can also reduce the chance of power fire alarm caused by lightning strikes in buildings and ensure the safety of people and other property.            

Signal Lightning Protector            

According to the requirements of IEC 61644, signal lightning protector can be divided into three levels: B, C and F. Level B is Base Protection, Level C is Combination Protection, Level F is Medium & Fine Protection. Specialized in lightning protection equipment for network, communication, optical cable, broadcasting, television, monitoring, video and other equipment.            

Video Lightning Protector           

Video lightning protector is also called coaxial cable surge protector. There are two kinds of impedance, one is 75 ohms, the other is 50 ohms. Among them, 50 ohms are used for cable TV outdoor cable transmission protection and 75 ohms for video transmission, such as closed-circuit television monitoring system transmission. Video lightning protector is installed at both ends of the video transmission line (front and back end), which can effectively protect cameras, ball machines, matrices, digital video recorders, monitors from the damage of thunder and lightning. The complete internal structure of video lightning protector can be generally divided into three parts: discharge part, current stabilization part and voltage stabilization part. The video lightning protector with good performance also adds a circuit which can improve the transmission frequency of signal lightning protector, so as to reduce the loss due to interface and so on.            

Lightning Protection Grounding Device

The combination of grounding body and grounding wire is used to conduct lightning current and disperse it into the earth.            

Grounding device is an important part of lightning protection device. The grounding device releases lightning current to the earth to limit the lightning protection device to the ground voltage not too high. In addition to the independent lightning rod, the lightning protection grounding device can be shared with other grounding devices on the premise that the grounding resistance meets the requirements. Grounding for the purpose of lightning protection and lightning hazard prevention is called lightning protection grounding.            

The grounding protection device includes the following parts:            

(1) Lightning acceptance devices: metal rods (flashers) that directly or indirectly accept lightning, such as lightning rods, lightning belts (nets), overhead ground wires and lightning arresters.            

(2) Grounding wire (down line): Metal conductor for connection between lightning receiving device and grounding device.            

(3) Grounding device: the sum of grounding wire and grounding body, used for conducting lightning current and dispersing it into the earth.            


Measurement and control devices            

Measurement and control devices are widely used, such as production plants, building management, heating systems, alarm devices and so on. Overvoltage caused by lightning or other reasons will not only harm the control system, but also the expensive converters and sensors. Faults in control systems usually result in product losses and impact on production. Measurement and control units are usually more sensitive to surge overvoltage than power systems.            

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