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In thunderstorms, sometimes we see some big trees being knocked down by lightning, while the surrounding high-rise buildings are safe and sound. What is the reason for this? These trees are heavily charged due to thunderstorms, and when the accumulated charge is too much, the tree is knocked down. In the same situation, the high-rise building was not affected because the lightning rod helped it. Nowadays, many buildings have lightning rods installed for lightning protection. How does this small slender needle resist the huge power of lightning? Today this article will tell you about the role of the lightning rod and how to choose the right lightning rod.

The function of lightning rod

Equipment lightning rods are an effective way to avoid lightning strikes. The metal rod is placed at the highest point of the house and the thick copper wire is connected to the lower end of the rod. Copper wire and metal plates are buried deep underground. When there is a charged cloud in the air, the lightning rod concentrates the charge due to electrostatic induction, and the tip discharge is neutralized by the electrical phase in the cloud to avoid the occurrence of strong lightning. The tip discharge of the lightning rod reduces the possibility of lightning between the ground and the cloud, and the house and the person are safe.

Due to the structure and function of the lightning rod, we must pay attention to maintaining the good conductivity of the lightning rod. Once the joint is not good or broken, the upper part of the fracture becomes an isolated conductive system, so that the current is separated, it can not be conducted to the ground, and can only remain in the broken place, which is more likely to cause lightning strikes. In order to prevent accidents, it is best to erect several lightning rods in a high-rise building. In addition, each lightning rod can only protect a certain building area. For larger buildings, several lightning rods need to be erected. 

So how to choose a lightning rod?

We must choose a lightning rod manufactured by a qualified manufacturer. The application field of lightning rods must be strictly cautious in determining the choice of lightning rods. Otherwise, lightning rods are very dangerous and may even endanger people's lives. Therefore, it is necessary to select products manufactured by qualified manufacturers with professional design qualifications and lightning protection engineering qualifications.

Determine the calculation method of the building protection scope. Specific methods include a folding line method and a rolling ball method. There are some differences between the two calculation methods. It is best to consult a professional lightning protection company professional.

There are many types and specifications of lightning rods. The lightning protection effects of lightning rods with different specifications are also different. Therefore, when purchasing a lightning rod, if you have questions about professional issues, you must consult a professional. Lightning protection is more dangerous, so be sure to pay attention to safety.

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