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Ground Rod

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-05      Origin: Site

In this developing world around us, we can see that development and urbanization are taking place around us on a very large scale, which is due to this high technology upgrading each day. It gives employment to many people with construction work. Good construction comes whenever there is a good resource used. Ground rod. Is the tool or device that is most vital for construction work.


What is a Ground Rod?

Ground Rod is not much expensive and looks much more straightforward, but they are crucial for protecting our various electrical equipment and appliances. Ground rods are generally seen near the main electrical service panel. This is generally made of copper or copper-coated steel. Copper is considered one of the best conductive materials due to its less resistive nature, so it offers excellent conductivity.


Moreover, if the resistance of a ground rod is greater than 25 ohms, we should add at least one additional ground rod. So, it will bring more safety to your house. Generally, the ground rod is made up of copper or copper-plated steel, an excellent corrosion resistive. Also, the ground rod lasts for many years in any environment.

 Threaded Copper Bonded Earth Rods-ERT6

Benefits of Ground Rod

A proper grounding with this ground rod will always provide stability to our home electrical system and also help to reduce the impact of these high voltage surges. This also helps to eliminate any possible electrical damage to our house. If a house is not grounded by this ground rod, then it may cause damage to any motorized appliances and electronics due to overvoltage. So Grounding is necessary by this ground rod to keep our house safe against any electrical damage to our appliances.