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Copper Lug vs. Aluminum Terminal Lugs - Which Should You Choose?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-16      Origin: Site

Terminal Lugs are exclusively for establishing connections to terminals or post, chassis, or stud. The clamps attaching wires and an auto battery are great examples of lugs. They are composed of two different metals - Aluminum and copper. In terms of function, both Copper and Aluminium lugs are like each other, but the latest technology uses Aluminium Copper Terminal lugs for increased safety. The only difference between them is their nature and application within the system. Let’s examine each individually through this article.


What is an Aluminum lug?

Aluminum has proved to be resistant to corrosion in a variety of scenarios. But, it’s a highly reactive substance that rapidly oxidizes. When the electrical wires were constructed from Aluminum, it was natural that electricians would install aluminum lugs for connection junctions.

Unfortunately, in this case, termination failure, Connections lost at junctions where aluminum lugs became common, and electric fires were reported frequently. The cause was the emergence of aluminum oxide which led to many fires. As a result, the Copper lug came to the notice as an adequate replacement for the aluminum lug.


What is a Copper Lug?

The benefit of copper as a lug is that it solves the common issues with aluminum lugs. It is the main reason for improved safety while using copper lugs because copper has a very “low coefficient of thermal expansion.”


There’s an issue, though; Aluminum happens to be more affordable than copper, which is why wiring and copper lugs can cost a lot more than Aluminum lugs.


Copper Lug vs. Aluminum Terminal Lugs - Which Should You Choose?


The significant differences between Copper and Aluminum Lugs and the Primary benefit and drawbacks of Copper and Aluminum Lugs are well known to everyone. The most important question is which one is best to use: Aluminum lug or copper lug?


It was evident that Aluminum wasn’t the best choice for lugs. And then, copper became a popular option for lugs. However, it’s much more secure to use an Aluminium Copper Terminal lug in recent times.


Advantages of Aluminum Copper Terminal lug

● Secure and low cost both in use and.

● Every copper product is electro-tinned according to BS standards, which protects the corrosion and oxidation of copper.

● The PVC insulation is attached to the terminals for outstanding dielectric strength as well as to support

● Entry into the wire barrel is protected from shock or bell-mouthed to allow better and faster conductor entry.


Final Words

Now a question here to ask is, “Why cannot we use single-metal cable lugs”? The answer is that when two dissimilar metals come in contact, they cause the effect known as ‘dissimilar metal corrosion or ‘galvanic action.’ Therefore, Aluminium Copper Terminal lugs are used in modern times to prevent this dissimilar contact.