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Computer Network Lighting Protection System

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-12      Origin: Site

With the advent of the network era, the advancement of electronic technology has strongly promoted the development of network technology. Network equipment has been stepped into the large-scale integrated circuit from the crystal tube body. Does the network also need lightning protection and lightning rods? Instantaneous overvoltages such as lightning strikes and power spikes have become the chief culprit in the destruction of networked electronic devices. Buildings with lightning rods can be protected from lightning damage and have a good effect on lightning protection of buildings. According to the particularity of network lightning protection, we divide the work of lightning protection into three levels.

Building lightning protection

The lightning protection of buildings is mainly realized by installing lightning rods. It can effectively prevent lightning damage to buildings and greatly reduce the possibility that lightning directly hits network transmission lines and network equipment and power lines. It plays a certain role in network defense.

Power lightning protection

The main function of power supply lightning protection is to prevent lightning strike voltage from entering the equipment from the power supply road end. It ensures unimpeded equipment and data transmission. The grounding end of the common socket should be grounded. The quality of the ground wire not only directly affects the performance of the power supply lightning protection device. And it also affects the performance of the signal lightning arrester, because all kinds of destructive energy caused by lightning strikes are almost released through the ground wire, so it is the key to prevent lightning from grounding. The role of the power supply lightning arrester is keep the voltage within a certain range.

The instantaneous high voltage of the power supply caused by the lightning strike can be released into the earth through the ground wire through the ground current, so that the power supply voltage can be reduced to an acceptable level in the equipment in a very short time, thereby avoiding lightning or fire accidents. 

Signal lightning protection

If the network transmission line uses fiber and twisted pair, the fiber does not need special lightning protection measures, but it should be noted that if the fiber outside the city is overhead, the metal part of the fiber needs to be grounded. Twisted pair Ethernet is the most widely used method. Because the shielding effect of twisted pair is poor, the possibility of inductive lightning strike is relatively large. For signals close to the window or between the outdoor twisted pair and the network equipment, the signal should be installed. A lightning arrester to prevent overvoltage damage introduced by the twisted pair from being connected to a self-connected network device.

In short, the lightning protection scheme must be protected from all possible ways of introduction of the crisis. First, the network power supply needs to be protected by the system. Then, all the lines connected to the network equipment should be analyzed, and the appropriate lightning rod should be selected to avoid the risk of lightning strike.