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Can a copper ground rod extinguish the flames?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-06-28      Origin: Site

Can a copper ground rod extinguish the flames?

How to extinguish a fire with water under special conditions or without other extinguishing agents? Water can conduct electricity, using the water column of the direct current nozzle to extinguish the electric equipment fire is harmful to the body of the personnel. Therefore, in the fire fighting in the case of live equipment, we generally have to cut off the power supply, and then carry out the rescue. But, When the power supply cannot be cut off due to production or other reasons, it is necessary to extinguish the fire with power on.

When using water to extinguish fire, the charged body will form a current loop with the water column, nozzle, human body and the ground. The current passing through the loop has a direct impact on the safety of human body. If we direct the current obtained from the water column and the water gun into the earth and add insulation protection to the human body, then the safety of the rescue personnel can be guaranteed. Several methods of extinguishing a fire with live water are described below.

1, Install a ground wire on the nozzle of the metal nozzle

The grounding wire can be soft copper wire with a section of 5-10mm and a length of 2-5m. The grounding rod can be made of about 1m iron pipe or rod, and the rescuer shall wear insulating gloves and insulating rubber boots. Before the live fire extinguishing, the water lance operator shall firmly connect one end of the grounding wire to the nozzle of the metal water nozzle, and connect the other end with the grounding rod, and drive the grounding rod into the underground about 0.5 meters. If the grounding wire is connected with other grounding devices, good contact is required. When holding the water gun, the position of the hand must be placed behind the grounding wire, the distance between the hand and the live body should be selected, and then the water jet can be saved.

2, Lightning protection grounding rod

Lightning protection grounding rod, also known as grounding pole and grounding grid, is designed and produced on the theoretical basis of improving the internal conductivity of grounding conductor and reducing the soil resistivity outside grounding conductor. The product has the advantages of simple construction, small floor area, no environmental pollution, long service life and low resistance. Widely used in 

communication, electric power, transportation, finance, petrochemical, building system, and many other areas, such as communications agency (station), mobile base station, scheduling rooms, substation, highway infrastructure, computer room, intelligent community docking demanding units and departments, such as by using this system can make good performance of grounding system. Copper clad steel has been widely used in grounding devices due to its excellent electrical conductivity, high mechanical strength, especially the excellent corrosion resistance of the copper coating. The United States, Britain, Germany and other countries in the relevant standards have stipulated that the grounding body, grounding wire can be copper clad steel composite material. In our country, the corrosion prevention and reliability of grounding device have been paid more and more attention.