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Cable Lug

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-05      Origin: Site

In recent years, we can see that industrial businesses are in high demand. Any business succeeds when they provide a quality product or service to each customer. Industries always need good quality raw materials and resources to do that. Here we are going to discuss one of the electronics-related industries. These industries are always in demand for cable lugs. So, here we will describe what precisely a cable lug is.

What is Cable lug?

Cable lug is simply used for crimping purposes. They are generally used for connecting various kinds of cables to other electrical appliances or other mechanisms. Cable lugs are very useful, and they are specially designed so that they can be easily installed and removed for any type of maintenance. When we want to fix it permanently, we use another lug like metallic and bimetallic, but a cable jug is used when permanent fixing is unnecessary.


Cable jugs especially have two ends, typically one used for connecting cable, which can be welded and another end is connected or fixed by bolt or screw. They are generally used to fix or connect cables with other electrical appliances and other power systems. This will save our help electrical appliances from overvoltage or any other possible damage. Some people mistake that both cable and wire have the same, but cable comprises multiple wire strands, and the wire is a simple single strand. But both of them can be used as a cable jug.

Benefits of Cable lug

These cable jugs are used in various electrical and electronic appliances. It is also present in our car or inverter batteries. So, we can see that cable jugs are present in many electronics around us. Cable jugs are efficient, but bimetallic jugs can also be used in place of it.

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