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Bimetal Lug

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-05      Origin: Site

We can see that our technology is upgraded to its next level each day in this day-to-day life. Development in each kind of field is the only result of it. A variety of resources, raw materials, tools, equipment, and construction setup are used for this large-scale development. Here we will discuss one of the devices with plenty of benefits, the Bi-metal lug.

A bi-metal lug is considered to be a less expensive and safe tool. It always offers good conductivity to the next wire barrel. It is generally used to terminate aluminium cables to the copper bus bar. Bi-metal lug is also used to terminate aluminium conductors onto copper bus bars in various kinds of switchgear, control panels, etc.

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How Bimetal Lug is Made?

There are various ways of manufacturing bimetal lug, but one of the most used methods is constructed using a copper palm and aluminium barrel. Aluminium and copper both have an excellent metallic nature, so they both possess a less resistive nature with a good corrosion resistive feature. Using both metals simultaneously can avoid galvanic corrosion, and it will last for a more significant period. It also has a feature that prevents immediate oxidation. The dimensions of this bimetal lug are customisable, so many companies use it in their respective works.

Features of Bimetal Lug

In every bimetal lug, PVC insulation is provided to each terminal for extra dielectric strength, and it also provides external support. The entry to the next copper wire barrel is shockproof, which is considered the best advantage of it, and it is well fixed to it, leading to a quick and more accessible conductor entry. So, one must include this type of bi-metal lug in their electric work for quality work and also be resistive for both oxidation and corrosion.