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Application of Insulation Piercing Connectors in Engineering

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-04-13      Origin: Site

About Insulation piercing connectors 

Insulation piercing connectors are a power fitting product specially designed for T-tap of low-voltage insulated cables. It connects the branch line of the power cable and the main line through a special metal puncture blade to puncture the insulation layer of the power cable, and realizes the connection of the branch line and the main line, avoiding the traditional method of cutting off the power cable or peeling off the insulation sheath and winds up is avoided, and the insulation state of the two main and branch power cables is connected.

Insulation piercing connectors

Features of Insulation piercing connectors 

Insulation Piercing Connectors have the characteristics of simple installation, low cost, safe and reliable maintenance-free. No need to cut off the main cable, no need to strip off the insulation layer of the cable to do cable branch, the connector is completely insulated, can live work, can be in any position of the cable for the site branch. Do not need to use terminal box, line box. And joint resistance to distortion, shockproof, waterproof, anti - corrosion aging. The use of insulated puncture clip as cable branch has obvious comprehensive benefits and is more cost-effective than the traditional connection method.

Insulation piercing connectors

Scope of Insulation piercing connectors Application

Applicable to the following aspects: overhead low-voltage insulated cable connection; low-voltage insulated household wire T connection; building power distribution system T connection; street lamp distribution system and ordinary cable field branch; underground power grid insulated cable connection; lawn flower bed lighting line connection; The branch connection of 1kV distribution system insulated cable, the branch connection is suitable for 1.5 ~ 400mm2 copper, aluminum conductor insulated cable.

Simple Installation

simple installation of Insulation Piercing Connectors in Engineering