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Aluminum Copper Terminal Lug

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-05      Origin: Site

An increase in industries and urbanization results from developing and upgrading technology each day. Every industry in today’s time needs good quality raw materials and other equipment to provide a better quality of service or product to each customer. Here we will discuss one of the electrical tools used in various industrial and construction sites: an aluminium-copper terminal lug.

This aluminium copper lug makes it very easy to install and repair the various electrical devices and cables. They were generally used when we wanted to connect one wire to another cable or whenever we wanted to connect more than two cables.

Benefits of Aluminum copper terminal lug

There are various bimetallic lugs, but this aluminium copper terminal lug is considered one of the best qualities. When using only copper or aluminium, galvanic corrosion or oxidation may occur due to dissimilar contact. So, this aluminium copper terminal lug provides good strength and more durability.

Bi-metal Cable Lug-1

The aluminium-copper terminal lug is easy and safe to use. It is comparatively less expensive as compared to another bi-metallic lug. It is also shockproof so that the primary device or cable does not get any damage. It is also more conducive as it consists of copper and aluminium, good conductors of both electricity and heat. Both copper and aluminium are also great resistive in corrosion and oxidation. Due to these qualities of the aluminium-copper terminal lug, it lasts for more than others.

So, one who wants to keep their wire cable away from corrosion and oxidation and lasts them for more years must choose an aluminium copper terminal lug over any other metallic or bimetallic lug to get a better quality supply of electricity in them.