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A complete guide on ESE Lightning arresters

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-13      Origin: Site

The ESE, known as the ionizing rod (lighting), is the external lighting protection system with the most innovative technology. This is also famous as the active rod (lighting).

As this begins, a lightning bolt travels typically through the downward leader, which propagates in the jumps in any particular direction. While this bolt approaches the specific ground, this can easily hit any element. The main aim of this lighting rod is to be the specific point for discharging the bolt to gain a controlled effect without any damage.

ESE typically emits an instant upward leader with an advance time for anticipating a drop of lighting and captures this before any other item within the protected area. The advance time of this ESE generally determines the particular protection radius of ESE.

How does this work?

The objective of this ASLA range of ESE lightning arresters is to be the particular point for discharging the lightning bolt instead of hitting a random item like the solar panel or the particular side of a building. And by becoming the actual point of discharge, electricity can also be securely conducted into the ground utilizing the protection of the entire lighting system and the entire structure or the solar park.

The particular emission from this ESE is also generated by storing the energy from an ambient electromagnetic path or the static charges at some particular time of a lighting event. In normal conditions, this air terminal generally stays in the standby state. But also, there is a spike in the ambient electrical ground while the storm approaches a particular site.

What is the requirement for ESE lightning arresters?

ESE is a device utilized to give the ultimate protection of equipment at particular substations against traveling waves. On the other side, these lighting rods divert an abnormal & high voltage to the ground without giving any adverse effect and the most continuity of the supply. This is also connected between earth & line, in parallel with a piece of equipment to give the ultimate protection at that substation.

Description of ESE lightning arresters

• This ESE lightning rod range of the terminals delivers a secure & efficient system for the facility's specific protection from direct lighting strikes.

• ESE terminals typically capture that lighting energy at that preferred point.

• This delivers the secure & efficient process of managing dangerous energy (lighting) at the most preferred point.


The appropriate lighting rod also should have the most effective characteristics. This should not carry current at the normal operating state; these sparks over the voltage have to be above a normal or abnormal frequency of power which can happen in this particular system.