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Bi-metal Stalk Connector

Bi-Metal connectors are friction welded from the highest quality aluminium and copper,
The barrels are filled with jointing compound
  • DSL-(63-630)



Bi-Metal connectors are friction welded from the highest quality aluminium and copper, The barrels are coated with jointing compound.

Conductive Material

Aluminium -99.6% pure

Copper-99.95% pure

Tensile Strength-110MPa

Ductile Rating -28%

Final Metal State -Fully Annealed inc. joint

Joining Method -Friction Welding(IEC std)

Operating Temperature

-40℃ to 125℃

Conformant Standard

IEC 61238-1, AS/NZS4325

Electrical Properties

Resistivity Aluminium: 2.6 micro-ohm cm(max)

Copper: 1.738 micro-ohm cm

Conductivity Aluminium : 61.8 %IACS(min)

Copper: 99.9%IACS

Bi-metal Lug

As an independent and professional high-tech large-scale manufacturer, Socome guarantee to offer products in high quality and timely delivery. We promise to deliver sample within 3 days and products within 20 days. Our 10-year manufacturing experience and capacity assure our fast delivery. 

cable lug

Rich Exporting Experience

We have exported to 50 countries and obtained positive feedback and praises. Our professional technical and sales team also equipped with rich operation experience.

High Quality Guarantee

Strict inspection of product quality before shipment and track the life of the product. We also have passed ISO, CE, ROHS Certifications.    

On-time Delivery

Good faith to the customer is our operating purposes. According to the requirements of customers, we strictly request the delivery time of contracts, making sure we delivery on time.

Sample Free

Sample for your reference available. We offer samples without sample fee. If you want to customize special one, the sample fee will be happened. 

After Sales Services

Offer OEMCustomized Service and best aftersales services for customer. Anything about our company and products, free to contact us and we will try our best to help you out.

Copper lug has tin-plated and non-tinned surfaces, tube-pressed and oil-blocking. It is used for connecting the wires and cables to the connectors on the electrical equipment.The hole of cable lug connects the screw, and the end of cable lug is connected with the copper core of the peeled wire and cable.It is mainly used in cable and switch, cable and busbar and other electrical equipment connection, also used to connect the line, such as cable and overhead line connection.

Widely used in household appliances, electrical industry, mechanical equipment factory, shipyard, distribution cabinet distribution box, etc. The product has good appearance and good electrical conductivity and safety.

There are two commonly surface treatment used:

1. Pickling, the acid-washed color and the original color of the red copper are basically the same, 

which can maintain a nice appearance, anti-oxidant, and more conductive to electricity.

2. Tin-plated, the surface of tin-plated copper lug is silver-white, which can better prevent oxidation and conduct electricity, and can prevent the diffusion of harmful gases generated by copper during the conductive process.

Installation Precautions:

1. The screw must be tightened.

2. The cable and copper lug must be inserted in place and pressed with crimping tools.

cable lug

cable lug

cable lug

cable lug

cable lug

cable lug

Socome Group Power Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the greatest hightech enterprise specialized in research, development, production, sale of power equipment and lightning protection.

Our company have accumulated rich experience in the range of power equipment and lightning protection,and we are famous for abundant and advanced technology. Our company took the lead in pass ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality Management System UL, CE and ROHS certificate.

CE-Cable Lug


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