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What Shape of Lighting Rod is Best for Lighting Protection?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-15      Origin: Site

Lightning rods are devices used to protect buildings, tall trees, etc. from lightning strikes. Install a lightning receptor on the top of the protected object and connect it to the underground grounding net with a wire that meets the specifications. The lightning rod specifications must comply with the GB standard, and the lightning rod height specifications required for each lightning protection category are different. The following mainly introduces the principle of the lightning rod and the shape of the lightning rod.

Principle of lightning rod

In the thunderstorm, when there is a charged cloud over a tall building, the lightning rod and the top of the tall building are all charged with a large amount of electric charge. Since the lightning rod needle is pointed, the tip of the conductor always accumulates the most charge when electrostatically induced. In this way, the lightning rod collects most of the charge. The lightning rods in turn form a capacitor with these charged clouds. 

Because of its function, the two plates of this capacitor have a small opposing area and capacitance, which can hold a small amount of charge. And it accumulates most of the charge, so when there is more charge on the cloud, the air between the lightning rod and the cloud is easily broken down and becomes a conductor. In this way, the charged cloud layer forms a path with the lightning rod, and the lightning rod is grounded. The lightning rod can introduce the electric charge on the cloud into the earth, so that it does not pose a danger to the high-rise building and ensures its safety.

Lightning rod shape

Lightning rods usually have a dandelion shape, a spherical shape or a needle shape. The tip of the lightning rod is installed on the top of the building and connected by metal wires and metal plates. When there is a charged cloud layer over the lightning weather, the lightning rod and the high-speed top are sensed with a large amount of electric charge. According to the law of static induction, the lighting conductor surface is sharp. The density of the charge is large, so the tip of the lightning rod always collects the most charge.

At present, the general lightning rod is generally made of galvanized steel or flat steel. The lightning rod made of galvanized steel has a length of less than one meter, the original steel has a diameter of not less than 12 mm, and the tip of the needle is conical.

Various shapes of lightning rods put into use on the market have the effect of smashing electric field and lightning, but their effect is very different. The forked type lightning rod wastes non-ferrous metals and increases processing costs. . In general, a flat metal tube or rod can be used as a lightning rod needle. It is best to use a small taper tip as a lightning rod.

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