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How to maintain the terminal machine in winter?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-01-15      Origin: Site

How to maintain the terminal machine in winter?

Winter is the period of terminal terminal failure. Only through good maintenance work can the equipment failure be reduced. Please pay attention to it. During the maintenance of the high-voltage terminal block in winter, pay attention to the temperature of the installation environment of the terminal block, and regularly clean the dust inside the terminal block to ensure the smoothness of the cooling air path. Strengthen inspections to improve the surrounding environment of terminals, motors and circuits.

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Terminal machine maintenance can be carried out according to the following steps:

1. Generally, the stamping guide rail of the terminal machine must be lubricated with oil for 1-2 hours. The oiling hole is at the top of the terminal machine. Do not add too much oil every time, 2-3 drops are suitable;

2. The operator must clean the machine every day to remove debris and excess oil from the surface of the machine;

3. Finally, the main machine of the terminal machine must be greased every week: open the rear cover of the terminal machine → remove the driven pulley circlip → remove the pulley → butter (evenly coated on the surface of the high-speed bearing) → restore (Note: the process of removing the pulley In the middle, it should be noted that the bearing balls are missing.

The application of the terminal block is mainly embodied in the power electronic distribution line. When the equipment inside the screen is connected with the equipment outside the screen, some special terminal blocks must be passed. These terminal blocks are combined and called the terminal block. The function of the terminal block is to connect the devices in the screen and the lines outside the device, and play the role of signal (current and voltage) transmission. With the terminal block, the wiring is beautiful and easy to maintain, and the connection between the long distance lines is mainly firm, and the construction and maintenance are convenient.

Precautions for the use of terminal machines:

1. During the operation, if the machine is abnormal, turn off the power first, and promptly ask the mechanic to perform maintenance and debugging.

2. It is strictly forbidden for non-designated personnel to debug or disassemble machine parts.

3. During the operation, the power of the machine is not disconnected. It is forbidden to enter the stamping range of the finger or any part of the body to avoid accidents.

4. In the operation, if you need to leave the job, you must turn off the power before you can leave.

5. When replacing the terminal, you must first disconnect the power supply and then replace it. It is strictly forbidden to replace it during the operation of the machine.

6. During the operation, if the terminal is stuck in the die, it must be removed with scissors or pick pins before continuing the work.

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