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Ground rod structure and installation method

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Ground rod structure and installation method

Ground rod structure

The main body of the grounding rod is composed of an integrally formed steel core, and the outer layer is fully combined with the steel core by an ultrasonic process, and then an integral part, such as a drving tip, a coupling and a driving head form a whole.


Grounding rod installation and use method


The grounding rod is very flexible during construction. Different construction methods can be used according to the specific conditions of the site. For example, it can be directly driven into the soil by heavy hammer and electric shovel. Under complicated soil conditions, the grounding rod can not be driven,drilling holes before installing the ground rod.


When using heavy hammer construction under uniform soil conditions, if only a single penetration is required, the driving tip(impact-resistant bolt) should be installed at the tip of the ground rod to avoid damage to the copper layer when the ground rod is deepened. In the case of deeper grounding, a number of grounding rods can be connected to the coupling to the required length, which allows the grounding rod to achieve a good electrical connection.


When it is difficult to drill deep or no access to the soil, it is necessary to drill through the rock using drilling tools such as electric, pneumatic and oil-driven machines.

After drilling, the following two methods can be used to install the ground rod:

1.Connect the ground rod to the required length with a connector. After drilling to a predetermined depth, backfill the earth improving enhancing compounds and add water to the hole until the entire hole is filled with earth improving enhancing compounds.

2.Connect the grounding rod with the connector to the required length, drill into the predetermined depth, and then mix the earth improving enhancing compounds with water and pour it into the hole to fully wrap the grounding rod.