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Copper Clad Ground Rod

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-05      Origin: Site

In day-to-day life, we all have the motive to have a more luxurious and comfortable life in the future. So, with the help of various kinds of technology, we are trying to develop and upgrade our surrounding environment and our lifestyle pattern with various construction ideas. But for good quality construction, we need vital tools, raw materials, equipment, and experienced workers. So here, we will discuss one of the tools used in construction on a large scale worldwide: the copper clad ground rod. It is used in many construction sites due to its many vital features. Its application is driven in the deep ground in various construction processes for any pole, tower, and necessary grounding of all critical parts.

What is a Copper clad ground rod?

The copper-clad ground rod is incredibly high carbon steel with a multilayer coating of copper of various diameters. It is available in especially two kinds: single type and sectional ground type. It also comes with an accessory package of a high-quality bronze alloy that provides a good quality electrode for both accessory and ground rod.


As it has a multilayer copper coating on it, copper clad ground rods also resist corrosion in any environment. So, it is also considered flexible with surrounding change. Any soil can surround it without any sign of corrosion on its surface. So, it is one of its best features. The steel used is also with high-quality carbon, so steel is also one of the best qualities in the world.

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Features of Copper clad ground rod

Whenever a person requires long-term corrosion protection, the copper-clad ground rod will be the perfect solution. It comes with a customizable length and diameter, so many companies can use it for any need.


More features of the copper-clad ground rod are its excellent tensile strength, quick & easy installation, less expensive, reliable connection and are widely used in many construction sites. It also has a tremendous conductive performance with a perfect electrical stability performance. The copper coating is uniform with a highly pure copper with a strong steel core.